A Snapshot of the Victorian Government Hospitality Guidelines

On 26 May, the Victorian government released its ‘Hospitality Industry Guidelines for Coronavirus’. The guidelines contain many requirements for hospitality venues that are re-opening for dine-in patrons and are a must-read for hospitality businesses. You can read them in full by following this link. In our view, the guidelines won’t win any awards for ‘clarity’ […]

Can you force customers and staff to download the COVIDSafe App?

With the ability to “trace” COVID-19 transmission that is offered by the COVIDSafe app, some businesses are going so far as to call for a policy of ‘No COVIDSafe, No Entry’ when they re-open to the public. For example, Brian (not his real name) owns a nightclub in the CBD. When his venue is allowed […]

How SMEs can manage rent during COVID-19

Introduction With the new Leasing Code of Conduct coming into effect last week, many retail and commercial tenants across the country have a chance to breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief. To be clear, the Code doesn’t promise any magical solutions. Nor does it apply to everybody. However, it does offer a means for some […]

Interview with Eve Property Group

We recently sat down with Amanda Falahey from Eve Property Group to talk all things retail leasing. Eve Property Group are Melbourne-based tenant representatives, specialising in commercial and retail lease negotiations. You can learn more about them here. 1. What are some key things we should look for in a retail or commercial space? When […]

Small Business in Focus

The ACCC released the 14th edition of its Small Business in Focus report last week, outlining the number of reports and enquiries in the small business, franchising and agriculture sectors. The report interestingly shows an increase in the number of franchising-related enquiries in the last 6 months and a high number of complaints made in relation […]

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Constitution v Shareholders Agreement

What’s the difference between a company constitution and a shareholders agreement? Both are important documents which deal with the internal management of the company and the rights and obligations of shareholders, but they are two very different things. Usually, when you set up a company, you will receive an ‘off the shelf’ constitution which is […]

Don’t Be a Copycat! Get Your Own Terms and Conditions.

A lot of businesses that are just starting out take the easy road and copy their website terms and conditions from a similar business or competitor. If you are doing this – STOP! Aside from the fact that you are breaching another business’ copyright, their terms and conditions have most likely been prepared for their […]

What’s in a Name?

We had a great question from a client recently about whether another person could copy their business name. The answer depends on where the business name has been registered. There is a big difference between a legal name, a business/trading name and a trade mark. If you’re building a brand, it’s important to understand the […]