Insourced: Legalite Counsel

Insourced: Legalite Counsel

Legalite Counsel is designed for businesses who need all the benefits of an in-house legal team without the risk and cost associated with outsourcing or employing staff.

We can provide your business with ‘whole firm support’ or design a team to complement your existing internal legal team. Unlike other outsourced providers, we integrate into your business, systems, and infrastructure - so we truly become part of your team.

More than being a reactive support processing legal requests, we engage in legal planning to map your requirements and tailor a 12-month retainer service that is perfect for you. We have monthly meetings to ensure we remain agile and fit for purpose as you grow.

Why outsource when you can insource?

Insourced by Legalite® is a bespoke service model we have built to innovate the way businesses access legal and advisory services. Our combined expertise enables us to tailor a scope, design your perfect team and embed them into your business like we've always been there.

We engage in cross practice collaboration internally so you have the 'one team' experience without having to instruct multiple different firms (or practices within one firm). For example, franchising, leasing and employment obligations advice.

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