Our Services

Our Services

We’re on your team. 

Often when you ask a lawyer for XYZ, you get? XYZ. What if XYZ isn’t really what you need? 

Many lawyers are purely reactive.  

We tailor our service to meet you where you’re at, taking into account your organisation’s size, position and performance, longer-term strategy and goals and local and international trends. Add our business and industry experience, and clever innovations – and voila! We think that’s a match made in heaven.  

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Australia has one of the most regulated franchising industries, so it’s important to get things right.

As specialist franchise lawyers, we can advise you on everything from franchising your business or buying a franchise, to expanding your brand internationally.

Business and Commercial

Whether you’re launching your start up or are a seasoned entrepreneur building an empire, we’re here by your side.  

We work with all types of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, large corporates, and global brands


As the property industry is dynamic and ever-changing, it’s important that you have a legal team who understands more than the law and regulatory framework. 

Our property lawyers have broad experience in all aspects of property law, as well as our finger on the pulse of current market conditions. This means we can give you tailored and commercially astute advice.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property rights are some of the most valuable non-physical assets you’ll ever own.

As your business grows, your brand may well be the reason behind it, becoming easy fodder for theft. So, we want to help you protect it.

Advisory Services

For businesses who need more than legal advice, our advisory team provides business consulting to a range of organisations. Dependent on your unique needs and goals, we can offer a combined legal and business consulting service, or standalone consulting projects. 

Marketing and Promotions

Running a marketing campaign or promotion is fun, but there are rules around advertising – so we’re here to make sure you don’t get stung by any of them.

We’ve helped small businesses and big corporates alike in reviewing their marketing collateral – covering everything from social media posts to commercial TV advertisements.

Legalite Counsel

For businesses who need an in-house lawyer without the hefty paycheck (and all those extra benefits that come with – like super, allowances, entitlements – yikes!), or even extra support for your existing legal team, we offer a virtual legal counsel service – Legalite Counsel.

Something else?

Where something falls outside of our usual expertise, we tap into our wide network of collaborative specialists who we trust to engage on your behalf. This means you never have to shop around and can be comfortable knowing we’ve done the vetting for you.

Nothing beats that small business feel, with big business weight.

Simplified and strategic advice
is just a conversation away.

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