About Us

Legalite was founded in early 2017 to disrupt the traditional way of delivering legal services. Just like our clients, we were frustrated with the inefficiencies of traditional law firms, such as hourly rates, clumsy manual processing and adversarial relationships. We knew that if we truly wanted to understand and service our clients, we needed to operate like them. So we challenged the status quo and found a better way of doing things. The way we operate is simple – we are committed to being agile, responsive and transparent in our work, as well as trusted in our relationships with our clients. Our focus is on providing value based solutions - allowing you to get back to business.

We Put You First

Our clients are at the forefront of every decision we make. We love seeing our clients’ businesses succeed so are here to help whenever you need it.

Sleep Easy

All our fees are fixed, meaning you don’t have to watch the clock. No hourly rates, no estimates. Just peace of mind.

Innovative Solutions

We’re determined to simplify legal services by providing practical, innovative solutions. By investing in and developing intelligent technology, you can be sure that work is completed quickly and to budget – all without losing the human touch.


As a virtual law firm, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of low overheads and a cost-effective pricing model.

Smart Lawyers

We’re pretty good at what we do, and don’t pretend to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. Our lawyers are industry-leaders with specialist knowledge in startups, small business and franchising, as well as useful contacts to make sure you’re supported the whole way through.

Lawyers with Heart

Yes, you read that right. We love working with and advising not-for-profits. We’re also big fans of the environment, so operate APAP (as paperless as possible) - which is why you won’t find our fax number!