Kayla Davison

Kayla Davison

Senior Associate

Kayla is one of our commercial and franchising specialists at Legalite. She has worked in-house across various large franchise networks and has a wealth of knowledge in commercial and franchising law, as well as commercial leasing and compliance. 

The team likes to think of Kayla as our ‘technical superstar’ she is known for her supersonic expertise, out of the box thinking, and attention to detail. She’s the person everyone goes to when they need to spit ball complex legal obstacles. 

Favourite thing to do on the weekend?
Going to see bands with friends. 

Your go-to karaoke song?
The Tide is High, Blondie. 

Best thing about being a lawyer?
Working with different clients every day and knowing at the end of the day you’ve helped someone work through a problem! 


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