How SMEs can manage rent during COVID-19

Introduction With the new Leasing Code of Conduct coming into effect last week, many retail and commercial tenants across the country have a chance to breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief. To be clear, the Code doesn’t promise any magical solutions. Nor does it apply to everybody. However, it does offer a means for some […]

10 Tips for Signing a Lease Offer

If you’re a tenant applying to lease a commercial or retail premises, you may receive a lease offer (or heads of agreement) before entering into the lease. This is a short document that sets out all the commercial terms. Once this document is agreed, the landlord will give you a lease based on these commercial […]

Interview with Eve Property Group

We recently sat down with Amanda Falahey from Eve Property Group to talk all things retail leasing. Eve Property Group are Melbourne-based tenant representatives, specialising in commercial and retail lease negotiations. You can learn more about them here. 1. What are some key things we should look for in a retail or commercial space? When […]