Shevonne Joyce

Shevonne Joyce

Head of People and Culture

Shevonne is Legalite’s Head of People & Culture, working with us to uplevel Legalite’s people-strategies, propel us forward as an employer of choice and helping to drive growth and industry disruption.

We like to think of Shevonne as our own resident 'Hype Girl.' She can often be found revving up the team, supporting them to not just reach their goals, but smash them. When there's something to be celebrated, she's there with fireworks, and when something goes wrong, she's there with a supportive shoulder to help everyone through.

Shevonne joins us with 18 years’ experience in consulting, leadership development and executive management in the People & Culture space, and is a qualified organisational coach and mentor. She is also the owner and director of a global children’s fashion brand and a published author. Her book, The Unlikeables, delves into the neuroscience, psychology and philosophy of leader likeability.


Favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Growing cacti and working on her aerial art.

Your go-to karaoke song?

Anything fun, 90s RnB!

Best thing about being Head of People and Culture?

Working with an amazing team of bright and talented unicorns and nurturing our employees’ talent.

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